Saturday, 19 January 2019

Sunny days

Always remember that if you are going to go out in this hot weather to do these 5 things.

1.) Put sunscreen on
2.) always remember a hat
3.) put shoes on for hot concrete
4.) Drink heaps of Water
Image result for sun5.) Have daily showers

Friday, 18 January 2019

A Heated Debate!

Well for a tourist to come in summer it will be hot but you can
go to many things on a hot day. Like the beach, pools, and so on.
A tourist must discover one of Auckland or NZ’s
best adventurous people enjoy most about Nz the
Rainbows End Theme Park.

On a cold day tourists are most considered to go to
Kelly Tarltons where it's sort of like a aquamarine
life place with stingrays, sharks, penguins and
more because it is an enclosure of cold things.

Between Summer and Winter a tourist
should definitely come in Summer because
there are more things to discover in NZ where as
Winter it's more for a insider day.

Faded Glory

Have the Great Barrier Island abandoned I guess if that is the only way
to protecting our great barrier reef because we are
the most to blame for it being wrecked.
We could sell things have marathons,swim, bake things and
sell posters of the ocean.

This is pretty much what i know I didn't really
understand the last task but  we could do that anyways .

The Black Drain

Called : Porirua Stream
Location: Wellington

Anything to help clean up the river:
They are putting up a sign near the river to let people know
that this river is restricted and that no one is able to use
it until it is cleaned up by some people. There wasn't
much information
about what were there next steps in making progress
on cleaning the stream.

Called: Whanganui Mowhanau Stream
Location: Whanganui

Anything to help clean up the river:

They test the water in a small bottle to see how polluted
it is and then they set out a crew to clean up the river
again there is not much information provided
about what there going to do next in making
progress for cleaning up the river.

Wasting Away

For this I think it is fair and not really,
i think that it is fair that people are charged for over fishing
because they have to share the fish in the sea so that everyone
can get some and when people find fish in one specific area
they tend to fish there all the time and the other people that are fishing
dont get enough because you have taken half of the fish in that area
. Then at the same time I think it is not fair that we ourselves are being
charged that much just for taking fish from a restricted area because
100,000 is a lot of money having to pay just for taking fish from a
restricted area.

Christ the Redeemer

I think that this guy is experiencing the greatest time of
his life reaching the top of christ the redeemer statue
in Rio DE Janeiro he is so excited that he doesn't realize
how extreme his selfie was and the amazing height and
long drop below him he doesn't look nervous that he's
on a risky high statue he looks as if he wants to experience
the view of Rio  and wanting to be someone known for climbing
something that tall that can be very very very risky and from what
I can see it looks as if he has a lot of confidence to be on top of
this Christ Redeemer Statue and would probably not regret it when
he gets off it because he had Faith in climbing the very tall
and statue and looked like he had fun.

Thermal Wonderland

1.) The Ick
2.) Lime green
3.) Witch please
4.) Earth Spa*
5.) Monster goo!