Thursday, 31 October 2019

Thursday, 24 October 2019

My Family Of Ten!

Imagine being stuck in a place with no peace. My family is full of energy all the time and constantly coming up with new ways to make noise, beside all the craziness deep down inside they are super loving and dependable.

There are 10 special members in my family, including me and 1 on the way you might be wondering what my house is like, envision a zoo compare it to my house and they are identical. 

My older brother moved out and bought a house in Patumahoe which leaves extra room for more children.

Last year my mum said she was going to have one more baby to make it 8 so its even but God had other plans and we soon discovered that the 8th baby had a friend we were all filled with joy even though my mum said she would have to have another child to make it 10, 9 months later we had two special editions to our family who are turning one in a months time.

Putting past all the bizarre features my family has they are still there for each other and super loving and caring, having an enormous family has some positive sides to it.  You would think there would be a lot of things to do in my house but there’s so many people that everything is done. 

Sunday, 13 October 2019

Tuesday, 24 September 2019

The Treasure Box

The Germans have bombed the library all of the scorched paper drifts across the ash covered sky the blackened edges spreads to the centre. Only one book continued to live a book brimming with history. Peter’s father loved this more than any other. It was red leather darkened around the edges but very thick. It had torn sides and was seamless. As the villagers were fleeing the small town Peter’s father swaddled the book in a firm cotton cloth and placed it in an iron box. This will protect our villagers past, this book speaks for the past and the elderly. It is very important to all of us “do you know who wrote this book” Peter’s father said “it was your grandmother your mother's, mother” she wrote it when she sat beside your mother when she was sick in bed before your mother died. She said to keep our treasure safe and know we have to take it with us for your mother.

Peter and his father joined the other villagers as they fled the small town. On their journey, the days turned into weeks soon into months and Peter's father became ill. Peter lay next to him and his father gave him the box and told him to look after the  treasure for your mother. A single tear drizzled down Peter's face. The following day the villagers help bury his father.

 Peter decided he was going to leave his suitcase behind and only take the treasure with him, as he thought there was a long journey ahead. Despite Peter losing the two people he loved so highly he still reflected on the remaining words his father left him which made him strive harder to keep the treasure safe. Peter soon realised he could never hold such a heavy box over the mountains he noticed a tree that was familiar to him it was about 90 feet tall and appeared to be very wide. On the tips of the tree were little flakes of snow. Peter knelt down and started to chip parts of the root away with the corner of the iron box Peter tore a page out of the book folded it and placed it in his pocket so he would never forget about the box.

 Years went on for Peter. He journeyed back and reached the cottage where he and the other civilians grew up for the rest of their childhood years.

Peter relocated to the city and has grown a beautiful family. He still wonders about the book he left. Peter doesn't want to revisit the past so he has never gone back to the 90 foot tree.

Sunday, 15 September 2019